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Any time you're celebrating love, wine can come in handy!

Cupid strikes again… 

It’s been one of those decades then all of the sudden- There’s cupid again. Love has struck and you can’t think clearly! Relax. We’ve got this:  José Dhondt Blanc de Blanc Brut Champagne (Champagne, France) -- $62.99 | Mixed Case $50.39 -- 100% Chardonnay. Enticing and vibrant. Citrus & crisp apple followed by crostini with a creamy mousse.

Cupid Contemplative...

Whatever shall we do today? Love? Lust? Drama? Better start it with this:  La Puerta Gran Reserva (La Rioja, Argentina) -- $45.99 | Mixed Case $36.79 -- Full red fruits with hints of smoke. Complex & well-structured with a lengthy finish. And then we’ll decide…

Sleeping cupid...

Sometimes life takes a pause. Surrender and enjoy dreamland. Such as a wine like this: Domaine Le Mourre Châteauneuf-du-Pape -- (Southern Rhône, France) $53.99 | Mixed Case $43.19 -- Fresh dark cherries and spice. Beautiful mouthfeel with supple and melted tannins, nice sweetness and roundness for this wine. Vibrant aromas and flavors of blackberry, raspberry, cassis, licorice. Lots of smoky notes. Well-balanced. Deep and rich with beautiful spicy notes. Super-long finish. 

Sweetness & Light...

The heart is beating; the palms sweaty, the eyes are popping out of your skull! New love- let it be so: Burgum Novum Pinot Nero Riserva (Alto Adige, Italy) -- $51.99 | Mixed Case $41.59 -- Dark cherries that lingered on the summer vines with red raspberry, black currant, vanilla, soft tannins, and luxuriousness. You deserve it.

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