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Shop Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: 3pm to bar close
Friday - Sunday: 11am to bar close
Monday: closed

Bar Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday: 4pm to 11pm
Friday: 4pm - midnight
Saturday: noon - midnight
Sunday: noon - 10pm
Monday: closed


5205 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle WA 98107



Shop + Bar

features a wine shop with 450 notable, adventurous, lovingly selected world wines including an excellent selection from the Northwest as well as a cozy wine bar featuring a delicious seasonal menu to pair with your choice of 45 wines by the glass (or a bottle from the shop), 30 artisan beers & a stellar lineup of after dinner drinks. 

Portalis is for people ... who are into great wine and delicious food and want a knowledgeable local wine merchant to use as a resource when making their wine selections.

About Us
The wine mind behind this operation is Jens Strecker, native German and former anesthesiologist & emergency doc, turned wine merchant.  Jens has a huge following of people who know he can help them find the wines they are looking for in the no-nonsense, unpretentious style that’s so appealing to his clientele.  He’s known by both his fellow wine professionals and his customers as having an impressive depth of knowledge as well as being an early adopter.  He doesn’t need anyone to tell him what to buy or what’s good value for the money.  When you taste hundreds of wines every week, you have to know exactly what you’re buying, and he does.  He then has a great knack for pairing up his customers with what they’re looking for.  If you are into wine and are looking for something special or you need wines organized for business colleagues or special events, feel free to contact him directly:  jens@portaliswines.com

RhiAnnon, whose name she will tell you is pronounced like the Fleetwood Mac song (and Welsh goddess, by the way) & not the current popstar, says this is what happens when your hobby goes awry: you end up the bar manager at Portalis! She used to be in the medical field, but several years ago she got the wine bug, and started working in the tasting room at Isenhower Cellars and then at The Library in Woodinville (where she still works on her days off from Portalis), selling & educating buyers on Long Shadows Vintners, Den Hoed Wine Estates and Boudreaux Cellars. She has a long history of being a great server at busy local restaurants & bars. She’s gracious yet no-nonsense. She's friendly yet frank. She’s a great addition to the Portalis team, and we’re delighted to have her!  

Daniel is our second server from Hungary (remember Mark?); what are the odds?! Daniel is new to Seattle, coming here from a farm-to-table fine dining establishment in Florida. His connection to wine, though, goes back to the old country, where his family in Hungary has been making wine for three generations -- "for their pleasure only" he adds. He remembers visiting his grandpa once during harvest and seeing him up in a tree picking the grapes off of the vines that had grown all the way up and thinking (as a kid) that grapes grew on trees! He said that his grandma had a saying: The way you can tell if a person is really sick is when they don't drink their wine!  Right on!

Evann, born & raised in Arizona, recently relocated to Seattle with her fiancé. Her love for wine started with a trip to a boutique winery in northern AZ. Sitting out on a beautiful terrace overlooking the Oak Creek Valley & drinking wine with her dad, the love affair with wine began. Soon thereafter, she travelled to Australia and spent a year indulging in the delicious wines of the Barossa & Hunter Valleys. That year cemented her interest & desire to learn more. With degrees in journalism, communication & political science, she dreams of becoming a lawyer …and of owning a vineyard in her home state!

Travis has years of experience working in casual & fine dining. His knowledge of wine is vast, with favorite areas being Burgundy & Italian varietals. He's a marathoner, a fledgling screenwriter, and has the long-term goal of having his own restaurant one day, so keep on the look out for him! In the meantime, you can find him at Nell's (near Green Lake) when he's not working at Portalis.

Unlike many wine drinkers, Matt was drawn into the realm of wine, not by the enjoyment of wine drinking, but by the rustic art of wine making. This appreciation of the craft behind producing a quality wine, coupled with his French roots, drove him to seek more knowledge on the subject; and landed him at Portalis. This same “craft” mystique led Matt to start his own coffee roastery, which he currently operates while not at the wine bar.

When we opened in 2003, Gina (our original & beloved bar manager) and I were talking and she said, “We’re going to set the bar for wine in Seattle.”  And we do, so let us be your local wine merchant, your contact with the wine world.

We hope to see you soon & cheers!
Julie (pictured above with Jens)
Co-owner, Portalis Wines

Events at Portalis
Join our EMAIL LIST for news + events:
Jul 22    Summer Wine Trivia Game
             ...weekly questions in 3 categories
Jul 23    Name That Wine! ...white
Jul 23    Wednesday: No Corkage!
Jul 24    Name That Wine! ...red
Jul 26   Saturday Tasting: Palazzo Malgara
Jul 26   Saturday: Dinner at Portalis
             3-courses | menu changes weekly
Jul 27   Sunday Tasting: Austria
Portalis Video Wall
...coming soon

Food + Wine

Food+Wine: Wine Pairings Tips for Fruit


 Portalis Wine Bar Menu
New: TARTE FLAMBÉE prawns,
pesto, oven-roasted tomato, smoked
mozzarella & grana paired with
Castelfeder 2011 Pinot Grigio "15"

Portalis Wines News

Beyond the Glass Wine shops are now acting as social centers, schools, restaurants, even travel agencies, offering far more than just free tastings.
Published on Dec 2, 2010
The Portalis Wine Shop + Wine Bar in Seattle offers customers three-course dinners, art shows and tastings.


Portalis Wine Club
Makes a wonderful gift! Two clubs to choose from: Portalis Explores! (bugdet) & Portalis Wine Club (no holds barred)
Gift Ideas at Portalis

Winter Gift Ideas: For winter babies & more! 

Artist Wall 

New show by Ballard artist Carole d'Inverno. Stop by for a sip & a look! Show runs thru end of Aug 2014.


Personal Wine Profile
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Portalis Wine Blog
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