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Artist Wall

LIna Raymond: On The Avenue

Show runs November & December 2014.

Artist Statement:
In a series that will probably take years to complete, this show presents the first paintings in which I attempt to capture this old fishing village of Ballard that I have lovingly come to call home. Although my approach was initially inspired from impressionistic works such as Pierre Bonnard’s paintings of Monmarte (painted around the same time these Ballard Avenue buildings were built), my affection for this spot at this moment in time led me to producing more detailed results. They are all acrylic on canvas &/or hardboard, and, as the first portion of this series, depict the Avenue in Fall/Winter.

PAST ARTISTS  (in alphabetical order)

Dan Amell
Feb-March 2006

Caryn Badgett
June-July 2008

Rian Berry
March-April 2005

Deane Benninghoven
April-May 2008, April-May 2006

Marc Bohne
Feb-Mar 2013

Shannon Bowley
Aug-Sept 2004

Hope Braswell
June-July 2006

Gavin Carrol
May-Jun 2014

Christine Chaney
Jun-Jul 2011, April-May 2010, April-May 2009, Oct-Nov 2007, Feb-March 2007, Dec 2003-Jan 2004

Gloria Chenoweth
November 2005

Jennifer Combe
Aug-Sept 2010

Kelly Rae Cunningham
Nov-Dec 2013, Apr-May 2012, Dec 2010-Jan 2011, Oct-Nov 2009, Oct-Nov 2008, Oct-Nov 2006

Carolyn Dunford
Sep-Oct 2013

Carole d'Inverno
July-August 2014, Jan-Feb 2014

Scott Eklund
Oct-Nov 2012

Deborah Fay
October 2004

Alison Golder
June-July 2007, Nov-Dec 2004, Aug-Sept 2003

Peter Gross
Oct-Nov 2003

Jean-Paul Gustad
June-July 2004

Jim Hodge
Sept-Oct 2005

Todd Karam
July 2005

Ed Kranick
May-June 2005

Lisa Snow Lady
June-July 2012, Oct-Nov 2010, Aug-Sept 2009, Feb-March 2009, Aug-Sept 2007

Carsten Madsen
Feb-March 2004

Todd Martin
Dec 2010-Jan 2011

Kate Fluckinger Petty
Aug-Sep 2011, June-July 2009

Kristen Ramirez
April-May 2007

Lina Raymond
June-July 2010, April-May 2011, Aug-Sept 2012

Diana Robles
Jan-Feb 2005

Bridgette Runnalls
December 2005

Susan Russell
Aug-Sept 2008

Stephen Schildbach
Feb-Mar 2012, Dec 2007-Jan 2008, April-May 2004

Jason Scott
Oct-Nov 2011, Dec 2009-March 2010, Dec 2008-Jan 2009, Dec 2012-Jan 2013

CJ Swanson & David Goldberg
August-Sept 2006

Kristen “Cookie” Tamcsin
Feb-March 2008

Kathryn Trigg
Dec 2006-Jan 2007

Marian Wachter & Bonnie Wilkins
August 2005


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