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Food + Wine 

Fresh Eggs

I am chicken "sitting" as my new home has a coop and my friends farm had over flow for the winter. Our chickens right now are holding out on us- but in Eastern Washington, it is below freezing for February/March. (I wouldn't want to do much either!) Fresh eggs are delicious. Not having been an "egg" person, I didn't really buy into the fresh egg craze until my friend started his own coop in Seattle. Now, keep in mind, I grew up in Skagit Valley. As a youth, I toured Draper Valley Farms and even a USDA egg inspection facility. (I am a nerd, yes.) Maybe my lack of interest was the tours, the knowledge of how old the eggs are by the time they hit the grocery shelf... Maybe it was just me not being adventurous in food ...  

Fresh eggs are an adventure beyond the standard grocery shelf egg. They have more distinctions: flavor, richness, spices and delicacy too! Each chicken creates a distinct flavor -- by character and by how well it is taken care of. These are the ones created in our backyard:

Blue- almost as beautiful as a robins egg.  The color and flavor are delicate. Perfect with light dishes or baked for pastries

Green- similar to the blue in delicacy however a hint of herbs and spice- great for egg bakes, breakfast items or quiches

Warm Red/Brown- earthy and robust. Excellent with meats and rustic flavors (mushrooms, legumes, root vegetables)

Dark Brown with Speckles-  These are rare. I am not sure if these chickens are hiding their eggs, but I only collect one a day. A savory dish with meats, mushrooms and hedonistic funky cheeses are winners here.


And here are some recipes with wine pairings to delight:


Crepes or French Toast with Berries 
pair with: 
Perraud Crémant de Bourgogne (Burgundy, France)

pair with:
Bodegas Langa Míto Chardonnay (Calatayud, Spain)

Pavlova With Lemon Cream and Berries 
pair with:
 La Farra Prosecco Brut (Veneto, Italy)

pair with:
Vinchio-Vaglio Serra Brachetto (Piedmont, Italy)


pair with: 
Scopone Rosso di Montalcino (Tuscany, Italy)

Middle Eastern Shakshuka (pictured above)
pair with:
Bodegas Langa Pasíon Garnacha (Calatayud, Spain)

Lentil Salad with Fresh Poached Egg (I prefer my lentil salad as as salad. The Fat Hen has a delicious example!)
pair with: 
Moulin de Launay Entre-Deux-Mers (Bordeaux, France) or Jean d'Alibert Rouge (Languedoc, France)

And one last thing: Backyard chickens resources> in case you need them!

Jaci (checking in from Pullman)

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